RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01.42: Poster design software with a lot of predesigned poster, banners, sign templates

RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01.42

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Click2Poster 1.0: Poster or Banner maker software prints enlarged signs in any size you wish.

Click2Poster 1.0

Poster will create a full-color or black and white enlarged poster. Just staple, tape, or glue the pages together to make your poster. Click2Poster prints a bit extra on each page to make it easier to assemble your poster. • Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista • Use any standard Inkjet or Laser Printer • Print any size poster. You specify the exact size and Click2Poster will optimize to use the least paper to make the poster. • Print posters

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RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.27: Print banners and posters from any picture, digital photo, Word, Excel.

RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.27

poster maker software automatically slices and dices it into a proper number of pages, adds print trims and glue margins to your future poster or banner. Use glue or tape to put separate parts together, and your brand new poster is ready. Have you ever thought of becoming a poster maker or mural designer? Have a try and make a great poster yourself, it`s really that easy! With this poster creator you can make posters with the size up to 10 x 10 meters

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Poster 7.9: Make BIG posters, signs, banners, photo murals, enlargements

Poster 7.9

POSTER is the award-winning program for making big posters, signs, banners, and murals, and enlargements. Posters can be up to 100x100 feet. Poster combines the best features of word-processing, graphics, and desktop publishing with features especially tuned for big posters and banners. This includes flexibile graphics, a full set of drawing tools and over 100 special text effects. Includes tutoral, extensive help, examples and templates.

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Ace Poster 1.24: In this easy-to-use program you can make posters of any size from your photos.

Ace Poster 1.24

Poster is a program that can help you to print your own poster of any size right on your printer. Just select a favorite picture saved on your disc, select a poster size, and print a poster you dreamt of. With Ace Poster you can also obtain desired pictures from a scanner or a digital camera. Ace Poster will help you to design posters of the best possible quality. It is also possible to make your poster only from a certain part of a picture. We are

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PrePoster 1.1: Automatic game poster builder with grids, brackets, syncing and sharing.

PrePoster 1.1

Poster and just enter game scores. That`s indeed all you`re required to do in order to have the complete picture of a long awaited event, drawn out on an eye-capturing poster, accompanied with a photo of your favorite star. With PrePoster, simply download the poster template created by the administrator on the threshold of the tournament and enter scores as they become available. That`s it! Now, sit back and watch how PrePoster automatically rearranges

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Digital Camera Poster Creator 2.53: Makes customized photo quality posters of any size/shape from your digital pics

Digital Camera Poster Creator 2.53

Digital Camera Poster Creator lets you make photo quality posters of any size/shape from your digital images. Our exclusive Edge Calibration technology ensures quality results, customized for your individual printer. Features such as zooming, cropping, rotation, and full screen preview make the software easy to use and flexible. It can be used with all home, office and photo lab printers.

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PosterPrint 2.5: Print any document as enlarged poster on several sheets of a regular paper

PosterPrint 2.5

PosterPrint virtual printer. Then easily zoom the document up to 1000% and print it on several sheets of paper on a physical printer! PosterPrint will automatically calculate the layout of your document for optimal paper usage. PosterPrint can trim out empty sheets, crop image area and add glue margins for easy sheet connection. Also, PosterPrint document can be exported to metafiles (*.emf) or saved to disk for later use or for printing on another

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Poster-Printery 4.5: With this program you can print your own very big posters.

Poster-Printery 4.5

Print your own very big posters and banners. Scan a picture and print it out very big. You don`t need a special printer! The program prints the posters on many pages and you can put them together with glue. Edit the pictures with the integrated picture editor "ImageArtist". Features: -Posters size up to 600 square meters -Support numerous file formats (JPEG, BMP, TGA, TIFF...) -Scanner support through Twain32 interface

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Wordpress MassPoster 6.15: Post threads auto to wordpress blogs .

Wordpress MassPoster 6.15

poster for you all to automatically make your WordPress blog content rich.Yes WordPress MassPoster will help you to automatically post content to your blog in no time. Our poster will post on your blog on your selected keywords. We have designed WordPress Auto poster in such a way that you have to just set your niche keyword in the admin panel and set it on the Auto Pilot. It will automatically post content on your blog. This software from www.aljanna

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